Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

CHA 2012

Hi everybody!!!
Now that I'm back from the CHA 2012, I would like to share some photos with you. 
It was again an amazing and unforgettable experience.
I was delighted to meet old and new friends and extraordinary artists like Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi, Suzi Blu, Anna Finnabair, Bev Rochester, Sherry Mendoza,  Nathalie Kalbach, Sharon Laakkonen .... and lovely people.
HUGS to @ll those who love me
first my lovely and LIGHT RU (there is a story about Light Rudi, but it's too long to write)
Heidi & Stuart
Michelle, Bev & Jing
Suzi Blu & Lura
Anna Finn 
here is the Convention Center
Jing and Me we're building up th Stampavie's Booth
All together it was so funny
Heidi, Michelle, Lura, Bev, Jing and Me
Bev, Heidi Suzi Blu and Stuart are dancing .... lalalala
It's showtime
The scottish bagpipes parade

Also this here I placed my order at 10,00 and I was the first one.
Stuart & Me, all new Stamapvie's Stamps will be available soon at Timbroscrapmania.
Sarah Kay, Tina Wenke, Penny Johnson & Suzi Blu.

Bev and Me, I love you.

Our projects ....

The new Suzi Blu's collection.

Anna Finn and Me, it was so nice to meet Anna again, we spent wonderful moments together. I love you.

Me, Jing, Suzi Blu, Jenny Doh and Heidi

RU, I love you so much.

Wendy Vecchi and Me, she told me you're here again, I answered I would like to stay here all the day. All her new products will be availeble at Timbroscrapmania

Tim Holtz, Anna Finn and Me.
Anna looks very sly, hahhaha yes because I'm not realizing what she is doing to my pendant's bag.
When I turned back she told me I ONLY MADE 1 HOLE. Yes she get a little gift from Tim .... the Drill Punch and she loves to use it.

Sherry Mendoza and Me.

Anna Finn, Wendy Vecchi and Me. we spent a wonderful time together, thanks girls.

Suzi Blu and Me. I love you my dear.

Jing and Me are looking for new products, thanks my dear, it was so funny with you.


Distress Markers soon at Timbroscrapmania

New Ranger's products ..... soon at Timbroscramania

some projects.

Jing, Nikki and Me, all the new paper's collections from Nikki Sivils will be soon availeble at Timbroscrapmania.

Jing, Webster page and Me

I'm buying some bottle caps, the original

The show is over, we're removing the booth.
Stuart & Rudi are working very hard.

We're happy and very sad at the same time.

Cheers .............. we will see us next here.

if you would like to see more photos here CHA 2012

Thanks for stopping by 
Have a wonderful Day 
xoxo BA


Kim Piggott hat gesagt…

Good to have you home!
Looks like you had the best time!

Susy hat gesagt…

Love all your pictures!!!!!


Kalli hat gesagt…

Hi BA, ganz tolle Fotos, ich freue mich für dich, dass du so tolle Tage in L A hattest....

MARCH hat gesagt…

OMG , incroyable Barbara ! vous avez du passer d'agréables moments
corinne de france

Manu hat gesagt…

Non vediamo l'ora di scoprire le meraviglie che ci saranno nello shop!!
Stupende le foto!!
Un abbraccio grande.

Bev hat gesagt…

Such wonderful memories sweetie made all the more special by meeting you! Love the photos but my favourite is the one of you and Rudi - it's brilliant :) xxx

Sinikka hat gesagt…

Danke liebe BA für die tollen foto's. Ach wenn man doch mal hin fahren könnt :-)
LG Sinikka

Anonym hat gesagt…

BA- beneidenswert! Da hast Du eine schön, anstrengende aber fantasische Zeit gehabt!


Mo hat gesagt…

Dankeschön für deine CHA Impressionen liebste BA! Das Foto von dir und deinem Rudi ist wunderschön - ihr seid ein Traumpaar !!!
Von Herzen,

MichelleO hat gesagt…

The Stampavie Official Photographer Rudi is just the bestest! Gorgeous photos - Can't wait until next years laughs and Hugs!

Gemma hat gesagt…


Raffa hat gesagt…

Che bella esperienza,chissà che fatica,però conoscere tutti loro deve essere proprio emozionante,grazie di condividere tutto questo con noi,un abbraccio
Ora aspettiamo di trovare tante novità nello shop :-) :-) :-) :-)

marzia hat gesagt…

wowwwwww! Grazie Ba per aver condiviso con noi le tue giornate.
Tante cose nuove....
A presto.

Aenneken's Kreativwerkstatt hat gesagt…

Hallo liebe BA,
was für tolle Fotos und wahrscheinlich superschöne Erlebnisse - wow - Du bist zu beneiden... wer wäre da nicht gerne dabei gewesen?
Und so viele schöne Sachen hast Du geordert... versendest Du auch nach D?

Marina hat gesagt…

Sicuramente una esperienza fantastica.Grazie per avere condiviso con noi questi giorni sicuramente indimenticabili per te!

moca hat gesagt…

Che bella esperienza!!!
Sono proprio curiosa di vedere in negozio tutte le novità, mi incuriosiscono soprattutto i Distress Markers. Hanno lo stesso utilizzo dei Copics?

Francy hat gesagt…

Cara Ba' che bello vedere queste foto meravigliose (devo ammettere che c'è anche un pochino di senso buono sia chiaro).
Che belli gli allestimenti degli stand.
A presto e un abbraccio da Francy

Gio hat gesagt…

Che belle foto!! Sei una grande!

Nina hat gesagt…

che bello vedere queste foto meravigliose
Hugs, Nina

Serena hat gesagt…

Dalle foto direi che ti sei divertita anche quest'anno!!!!!! Anch'io adoro le fiere perchè rivedo le amiche...come ti capisco!!! Non vedo l'ora di ammirare i prodotti nuovi;o)


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Looks like you had the best time!

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Aduitor for file systemWie süss sind die beiden denn. Da muss bestimmt liebe bei raus kommen......Wie ich sehe sind sie ja in Paris :-)
LG Sinikka

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I love you........ hat gesagt…


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OMG , incroyable Barbara ! vous avez du passer d'agréables moments

Blackcat hat gesagt…

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Non vediamo l'ora di scoprire le meraviglie che ci saranno nello shop!!
Stupende le foto!!

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