Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Finn & BA & the Workshops in Rome

Today I would like to share some fabulous Moments with Finn.

For those who do not yet know, who is Anna, I would say, she is an adorable, very lovely person, chattering, energetic, a fabulous teacher, she is really an extraordinary and fantastic Artist, she loves tee like me and we spent 4 unforgettable days (2/5 dec).
Thanks Anna, for all,  I love you.
Here we're Finn and BA
We 're very happy, it was a success, yes because all the girls were very happy and satisfied.
 I can resume the 2 days with a sentence of Roberta "so a long time the scrapbooking doesn't surprise me"

We wear the Maruzzotti ...... the Maruzza's Sleeves and also an Apron.
All the girls received the Maruzza's kit (Sleeves, Apron and Paper Bag) as little present.

Finn at Fountain of Trevi, yes she will come back again ........

Finn with Maruzza (my mother)
Every night we visited Rome and we went for dinner, Sea Food and Tipical Roman and Neaple Pizza.
It was so funny.

We started with the first workshop "Industrial Baroque" saturday at 9,30.
We had very international classes
Finn, Eugenia (Russia), Corinne (France), Einat (Israel), Tanja (Russia/Israel)

Finn, Corinne came from France only for the Workshops. Nico came from Sardinia.

Girls at work.

Finn explains and shows layouts techniques

Einat,  Eugenia, Anto, Tiziana, Corinne. 

Finn dries her layout

Work in progress 

Elisabetta, Silvana, Tiziana

Gabriella e Roberta

Finn extracts 1 of the 4 winners of the fabulous Dusty Attic awards

and Grabriella is one of the winners

Here all the girls with the layouts

what smiles ...... Vane e Anto

It's time for photos

Nico e Finn

Here all the girls with the 2nd project "Vintage Charm"

We started on sunday at 9,30 with "Lost in the Paperworld".
Elisabetta, Maria Serena, Vane, Roberta, Rachele, Martha, Maria Chiara, Tiziana, Stefania, Einat, Eugenia, Tanya, Silvana, Gabriella.

Tiziana, Maria Chiara e Rachele.

Eugenia, Vane, Martha, Roberta and Gabriella.


Elisabetta and Tiziana buy the fabulous 7Dots Studios Paper

Vane, Roberta e Helena.

 Martha e Maria Chiara e Gabriella all with the Maruzzotti (Sleeves from Maruzza)

 Here the Happy Girls with the Projects from Sunday's Workshops.

and here some photos Rome by night
Finn at the Colosseo.

BA at the Arco di Trionfo

Finn at Piazza Venezia (Altare della Patria)

Finn da Baffetto with Capricciosa

Maruzza and Me

At the Aventino, Piazza Cavalieri di Malta, through the lock you can see San Pietro.
Finn did a nice photo.

We will come back

Thanks for stopping by
Have a wonderful Day
xoxo BA


Sinikka hat gesagt…

Es sieht wirklich danach aus das ihr einen riesen spass hattet. Und ihr habt wunderschöne sachen gemacht.
LG Sinikka

Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke für die schönen Bilder! Viel Spass hattet ihr bestimmt- und ich habe richtig Sehnsucht nach rom bekommen!
Den Blick durch das Schlüsselloch von St. Pietro- das kenne ich auch

Vanesia hat gesagt…

Che bei momenti!!

antonella hat gesagt…

caspita... come vi sarete divertite!!!

Susy hat gesagt…

Love all the gorgeus photos, thanks BA!


Gemma hat gesagt…

Deve essere stata davvero una bella esperienza e Roma di notte...fantastica!

Roberta hat gesagt…

Che sogno che mi hai fatto vivere ... ti posso rubare qualche foto?